We specialize in creating tailor made as well as off the shelf packaged software products for our clients. We score over our competitors with our ability to fit in just the right combination of what our clients need.

Innovata's packages come as a surprise and with greater surprises in it. We always do deep research after a proper understanding of your needs and add features that we anticipate would arise with your development in business.

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Do you have dreams about your ideal software that has the features you want but are available as separate softwares? Worry not! We assemble them all for you and give you your dream in hand. Contact us for your custom software ideas.

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Mobile apps are more accessible than website pages because the world has gone mobile with swanky smartphones and mobile data. We provide the right kind of application for your services that become an instant hit with your clients.

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Take a look at our solution’s USP

  • Off the shelf enterprise software
  • Detailed configuration information
  • Standard user enabling
  • Consulting services

  • Maintainability
  • Reliability
  • Portability
  • Efficiency

Our Service Strategy

We at Innovata follow a certain set of steps that we follow in order to create the perfect software.

  • Package manifest generation
  • Metadata addition
  • Dependency evaluation
  • Facet addition
  • Verify and publish package
  • Testing and Debugging

We love interested audience when we talk

Why don’t you drop by and check out our products while we check out your requirements from the list?

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