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Our job is to INNOVATE, and we gather at INNOVATA.

At Innovata, what goes inside as a raw idea comes out as a complete working product. It is a wish making factory with realistic solutions for every day’s travails.

Featured Products

Here we are with an impressive list of our products that covers all the software needs of the money spinner industries in the market. Check it out!

InstaSoft Hotel Pro

Get a unique software that replaces your log registers and keeps track of your guest. We automate guest management is the most efficient way.

InstaSoft Hospital Pro

Now it is very easy to keep track of the patient listing and the doctor’s attendance with just a simple swipe and a punch of button.

InstaSoft HR Pro

Get clean and ordered records of payment and human resources details with integrated salary generator all rolled into a software package.

InstaSoft ERP Pro

Plan your enterprise activities with interactive and updatable functions that will keep track of your manufacturing, HR, finance and warehouse details.

InstaSoft Inventory Pro

Huge stocks and raw materials needn’t bother you anymore. Our software keeps track of the inbound and outbound transactions regularly with updated records.

InstaSoft School Pro

Our software manages crunch times like emergency alerts, event notifications, class cancellations to broadcasting marks, time tables and fees announcements efficiently via an SMS alert.

InstaSoft Travel Pro

Traveling is made very easy with our software that displays your travel modules and packages, does the accounting, traveler and employee files, pick up services and reporting.

InstaSoft CRM Pro

It is unique software that has been brought out with the intention of helping customers with web based applications, sms alerts and report generation of their orders and parcels.


We follow a unique procedure to build each and every product that ensures completeness, perfection and timeliness in totality.


InstaSoft is a product of Innovata, where packaged solutions holistically address the entire implementation value chain – including business purpose and scope, approach and fit, selection, and deployment. This overarching view brings together process, customer goals, and governance to reduce risk and create predictable results.



We wish to showcase the best features of our products and that becomes our USP as well as our clients' views on us.

User friendly
Timed delivery


Packaged softwares became the point from which the progress line went upwards. It has been a huge relief for the computer users when all their applications came together as single software. The major breakthrough was during the installation of personal computer desktops and the need to move towards faster computing techniques added to the written needs.

Our software is built by experts who know their basics very well. We are very proud to present our products to our clients.

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Our Testimonials

We provide the service that focus on the clients need that helps us to share our experience.

Hotelier based in

I was simply amazed by the immense changes that this wonder product made to my management system. Assisting guests to book, inspecting the cleaning maintenance and ensuring security for my guests has never been this easier. It is always a pleasure to have a control with a touch on my mobile screen!


Take a look at the industries our products works with!

  • Automobiles
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Government
  • Real Estate
  • Education

InstaSoft - Software Packages

Innovata has its goals and thoughts trained towards delivering only the best software packages suited for universal and custom needs.

  • Integrated software that manages multiple functions
  • Track and dispatch services
  • Automatic report generation
  • Automatic Instant data updation
  • Tested to work in heavy load
  • User customization of software
  • Non-crashing and efficient alerting
  • Instant alert broadcasting of announcements
  • Schedule time and date of services
  • Feedback management


Thinking whether our products might fit into your iPad/mobile/desktop? Worry not about that, as our product is highly responsive to all devices and operating platforms!


Packaged softwares are easy to use and are compatible to all kinds of operating systems and most importantly fit right into your bill of requirements.


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